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Tips for my Day Trips

Here are a few tips I thought would be useful for those who are coming on a day trip with me in the Luberon and all around Provence!

  1. Wear comfortable shoes you can walk in. We definitely do some walking on our day trips and nice, comfortable shoes help you to stay upright when walking on the cobblestone streets in the Luberon villages.

  2. Bring a cable to charge your phone. I can plug your phone in in the car so we can charge it up during the day. If you forget I have an extra cable, but it helps to have your own in case more than one person needs some charging!

  3. I always bring bottled water with us for you to drink, but if you want any other beverages, don’t hesitate, I have a cooler with us to keep drinks cold!

  4. Wear a hat and sunscreen, the sun here in the Luberon shines bright! We can always get a nice one at the market if you want a souvenir from Provence!

  5. Picking up various purchases at the market, it helps to have a bag to carry your goodies! Again, we can always pick one up as a souvenir purchase at the market. I will have an extra one as well for you to use if needed!

  6. Bring a light jacket/sweater, on some of our visits we head inside caves, mines, quarries etc and it helps to have a light sweater or shirt just in case you get a bit chilly! We can always leave it in the car if not needed!

  7. Bring some cash and your card, sellers at the market prefer cash, especially for small purchases. Restaurants and most cafés will take cards. More and more sellers at the market are equipping themselves with credit card readers but may have a 10€ or 15€ minimum purchase amount. We can always stop at an ATM if needed.

I can’t wait to take you around Provence and show you all the sites! #provenceiscalling

van provence france
Your day trip van!

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