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About us...

About us...

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I was born and raised just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and left my hometown at the age of 19 to go learn French in France. After my first few days in France I knew I wanted to stay! And that is just what I have done! I’ve done all sorts of jobs in France, from teaching English to studying how to make and sell wine. I’ve worked in a couple wineries, near Montpellier, and now in the Luberon area. The common thread in all my jobs has been interacting with people... I love meeting new people , seeing new things and sharing my discoveries with those around me ! I hope to share with you the incredible beauty and uniqueness of Provence, the place I now call home!

Pamela and Matthieu

Our story together:

Our story starts in a small Pacific beach town in Mexico where fate brought us together, Matt on his motorbike and Pamela with her backpack. We decided to continue on with Matt’s two wheels and we traveled on motorbike together all over North, Central and South America for a few years before deciding to head back to France. We each worked in our respective fields, before deciding that what we really wanted to do was to share our love of travel and exploration with others. After experiencing such wonderful hospitality all over the world we wanted to « pay it back »! We have decided that the time is right and we’re ready to welcome you to the Luberon, our Provence!


I was born outside of Paris and when I was one year old my artist father bought an old provençal farm that needed to be completely rebuilt. From that moment on we came to Bonnieux every holiday and free moment we had and little by little we restored the house with my father designing the whole thing. When I was 10 years old, we moved here permanently and we became lavender farmers. After going to Aix en Provence and Lyon to study law, I decided it was time to go back to "my hills" in the Luberon and I became a forester. After running my own forestry business here I wanted to see more parts of the world. I left France with my motorcycle and traveled the world! After a round the world trip, I still believe that the most beautiful place I know of is the Luberon and I’m looking forward to showing off this place! Bienvenue!

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