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Parlez-vous provençal?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Provençal words you will see here!

Not too long ago people in France spoke their local language first and then French. The oldest generation still alive in France most likely grew up speaking or least hearing their parents talk their local dialect at home and then spoke French at school or in public. This local and regional pride still exists and is fun to learn about. Here in Provence, it was Provençal that was spoken, a latin based language that you can still see some remnants of today. Driving around, lots of villages around here have 2 signs when you enter the village, the village name in French and a second one with the village name in Provençal.

Here are a few words you can come across when you are here in the Luberon:

-lou pastre = the shepherd (also the name of a classic book written in Provençal)

-pichoun (pitchoun) = a child

-fada = crazy, silly

-peuchère = the poor one, as in « oh poor you », used in a compassionate way

-lou soulèu = the sun

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